Welcome in RUGGtek, the partner when it comes to rugged mobile terminals and computers.

RUGGtek is an advanced way of imagining the laptop, no longer as a fragile object to pay attention to, but as a robust device, usable in a wide variety of environments. A portable terminal that combines resistance, design and technological innovation.


RUGGtek specialises in the supply of rugged terminals specifically designed for professional and corporate users.
Each product is distinguished by its different characteristics and application options.

You wishes to add the rugged products in your company ?

Tablet PCs

features such as strength, reliability, scalability, connectivity, IoT, make rugged tablet PCs the device that can be seamlessly integrated with business applications designed and developed for traditional desktop computers or industrial Panel PCs.

Handheld PCs

they are small and medium-sized mobile devices initially used by logistics and transport operators, but now, thanks to the integration of WiFi, BT, 4G and modules such as RFID, they are used in a wide range of sectors.

Smartphones Rugged

heavy-duty devices for heterogeneous outdoor environments, exposed to harsh conditions, humidity and extreme temperatures, with the integration of industrial instrumentation. It is precisely these features that reflect the essence of these devices and make them different from traditional smartphones on the market.

News & Useful Informations
  • RPA 530 the IoT terminal

    RPA – Rugged PDA Android – model 530 is a robust and resistant terminal that combines in an exemplary way the functions of a mobile phone with those of an industrial handheld suitable for the most diverse environments: from the public to manufacturing, including transport,......

  • Android operating system

    Android is an operating system developed by Google Inc. and based on Linux kernel....

  • RUGGtek launches the RTA 310

    RUGGtek today announced the new RTA 310: a fully rugged enterprise tablet built for fieldwork in the most challenging outdoor or industrial environments....

  • RS 205 the best rugged smartphone

    The RS 205 represents the top of the range in rugged phone offers from RUGGtek. An all-new, highly technological design, built with innovative materials from Germany (Bayer)....

  • Industry 4.0

    Industry 4.0, called also “smart factory”, represents the integration of new technologies in industrial automation in order to improve working conditions and increase the productivity and production quality of plants....

  • Mobile Devices

    The Mobile Revolution is evident and under everyone’s eyes. Devices are now part of the daily lives of both private and professional people. From the consumption of information and news, to the sharing of photos and images, to gambling and shopping, everything happens through the......

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