RT 212 is an industrial tablet PC based on the CPU Kabylake and the Microsoft Windows 10 Professional 64-bit or IoT (Internet of things) operating system.
A solid-state drive (SSD), a high-brightness IPS display, no fans (fanless), and plastic seals covering individual interfaces are just some of the features of the chassis made to dust, water and shock-resistant as the MIL-STD-certified.


In the Tablet version, the device is equipped with a docking station containing 2 USB ports, 1 Ethernet port and 1 RS-232 port. The accessory can be used as a tablet charge, as a charge for any additional batteries, or as a connection interface for external devices such as printers, keyboards, and so on.


In the Notebook version, the tablet is connected to a base with a removable keyboard & touchpad that make versatility its most important feature. In fact, it can be used as a simple tablet or as a semi-rugged notebook (because the keyboard does not have a reinforced and shockproof shell) simply by connecting it to the base with the keyboard.



RT 310 and RTA 310 are the new industrial tablet PCs by Ruggtek based on the Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise and Android Nougat operating system.
The devices can be used as a simple tablet or as a semi-rugged notebook thanks to a base with a removable keyboard & touchpad.


RT 300 series, with keyboard and mouse support, is the ideal tool for professionals in field services, production, public safety and all those business applications designed and developed with traditional laptops, notebooks or industrial panel PCs.